My Wedding Day

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Well “My wedding”, opps I should say “Our Wedding”, sorry Bud. Took Place on a Satuarday in October 14th 2006. The location was Rancho Capistrano in San Juan Capistrano, California. My Theme was a romantic spanish fall wedding. The colors were Burnt Orange, Chocolate brown and a sort of dirty white (Champagne color). We had wrought iron elements all over the place, I love wrought iron as you can see in this image of our custom designed and custom made “Gazebo”.The details through out were exactly as I dreamed it. We used real preserved & pressed fall leaves at the isle. The story on “The Dress”, well It was also custom designed by a famous Paris designer Mr. LLoyd Klein. I am a very blessed girl. I was fortunate enough to have met Mr. Lloyd Klein when he selected me and my company to do the Interior of his amaizng beauatiful space in his retail shop in Beverly Hills, CA.www.lloydklein.com as we worked in his space we started talking about my wedding and well, you know the rest he designed this amazing dress which I only saw in this sketch. At first I was concerned that the dress was going to be “Huge” and I was not going to be able to move, however Mr Lloyd Klein said to me, “you wear the dress don’t let the dress wear you” and that was it everything made sense. My dress looked liked it came out a spanish queen’s fairy tale book, just look at the detail. It is Breathtaking don’t you think?
On another note: “The Cake” aside from being Delish it was beautiful. For starters I am Diabetic and have been for over 8 years now, so this was kind of challanging. However I decided just to go with a chocolate marble cake and with no compromise on the flavor, so I was only able to taste the cake and not eat the cake which in the case worked wonderful becuase I think I would’ve eaten the entire cake my self. Well The cake turn out exactly like Gino & I imagined it.It also has wrought iron details in between the cake layers & our Initials @ the top were also wrought iron. I told you, I was not kidding when I said I love wrought iron.

“The Groom” Of course my buddie, His name is Gino he is my best friend, my buddie & my soulmate. Thank you God for placing him in my life and joining our lives together. He is the most wonderful guy I have ever met in my life, he is smart & has the best humor any one can have, he should’ve been a comedian. Most people say he has sort of King of Queens “Kevin James” personality at times. I love Him with all my heart. This is him looking cool with his “Cuban Cigar” .
Also Check out this Painting of our Wedding Portrait. This was originally a Picture converted into a oil painting in Canvas, I Love It!!!

Well,this is all for now, Please keep posted for all the new and exciting things I will be adding. I will try and keep my blog as current as possible.
Thank you…

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