Hotel Furniture Design Trends: Fit for Purpose

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The interior design of a hotel plays a large factor in the level of success, it will have in a highly competitive industry.  It’s all about creating the perfect customer experience to keep them coming back.  But what is the secret recipe for creating an environment and experience that delights the senses while also serving a purpose?

Hotels must begin their customers’ experience the moment they walk in the door.  Often, they travelled a long distance to get there, may be tired, hungry or in a poor mood.  The skillful interior design creates that “Whoa!” moment.  Guests want to feel comfortable, relaxed and often a bit spoiled when they stay in a hotel, and it’s the design, the furniture and placement that achieve these goals.  It may sound simple, however, finding the perfect balance can be tricky.  To create the right atmosphere, one’s sense must be stimulated.  This can be achieved by using the right color, texture and furniture, but in a functional placement.


When you walk into a hotel where the neutral colored standard furniture is the same colors and style one might find at home, it can lead to a mediocre stay.  “The room was clean and nice” is often the common response.  It can be hard to entice the customer to come back if they are unable to differentiate the experience from other hotels.  The stay becomes one of purpose and requirement rather than experience.

Bright colors are “in” right now in hotel interior design.  The use of bright colors can create depth and dimension in a very small space.  Using bright colors to accent ‘soft goods,’ such as window treatments and bed covers can create a feeling of opulence.  And using varying patterns of the hotel furniture can catch the eye and stimulate the senses.



The sense of touch is also key in creating a powerful experience.  Using ultra soft, plush fabrics can create a sense of deep relaxation and comfort, or the use of beautiful leather is both stylish and functional.

Purposeful, yet beautiful

You can have the right color and the right texture, but if the furniture doesn’t fit the space or support its function the effect can be lost.  Skillful design of hotel furniture that creates a natural flow is critical to the overall experience of the space.

As an example, pieces that serve more than one purpose can be an effective use of space while adding style– benches that are also ottoman storage, storage beds, sleeper sofa’s etc.  The functionality of these pieces, when perfectly blended with elaborate designs and bold colors can create a truly astonishing effect.

While sometimes a dramatic change can be as simple as recovering a previously used piece of furniture, it’s important to hire professionals with the design and industry experience to help you make the most current and trendsetting decisions to set you apart in the hospitality industry.  We here at Pacific Hospitality Design, a recognized leader in fine furniture  Design and  manufacturing since 1979 serving the hospitality industry and have a team of passionate experts ready to assist you with your furniture design needs.

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