Furniture With An IQ

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Welcome to your standard work day…You wake up early…take a cab to the airport…fly to the next city on your trip…take a cab to the hotel…and after waiting in line to check in, finally get to your hotel room.  Your phone is beeping and buzzing maniacally, reminding you about a bunch of phone calls you need to return and a ton of e-mails that need your responses. No problem, your hotel room has access to power and the internet, so everything’s good, right?
Well, your computer battery is dead…your mobile phone needs to be charged…and you have to plug in your iPad.  There’s one outlet by the desk, a second on the wall across the room and a third one in the bathroom.  Talk about annoying!  All you want to do is sit on your bed with access to everything so you can get your work done and then relax.  Isn’t there a better way?
There is now!  At Pacific Hospitality Design, we’re always thinking about you when we’re designing the furniture for your hotel room.  So we’re introducing our latest innovations called the “New Generation.”  We’re talking completely functional furniture.


Now you won’t have to search your hotel room for all those outlets and data ports.  You don’t have to worry about plugging your electronics into three separate areas of the room.  Everything will be within arm’s length, no matter where you want to put those arms! 


With Pacific Hospitality Design’s
“New Generation” furniture concepts, you can charge your laptop, phone, iPad or
any other electronic accessory all in one place.  And we’re not just talking about sitting at a desk either.  How about plugging everything in bedside, so you can relax while taking care of business?  How about being able to watch a movie in bed on our iPad even if it’s out of juice?  Yeah, we thought of that too.  And with the functionality of our “New Generation” furniture, you’ll be able to plug pretty much everything in everywhere.

Now that’s furniture with an IQ!

 (We’d like to Present  Our IQ Sofa Sleeper)


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