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PHDesign’s Bar Stools Featured in Modern Luxury

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What a nice surprise! Newport Beach’s newest eatery, Gratitude, was featured in Orange County’s “Modern Luxury” magazine! We had the pleasure of manufacturing the bar stools seen in their featuring! Go check them out if you’re ever in the area, and sit on our beautiful, sturdy Gratitude stools!

30 July 2011

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Pacific Hospitality Design, Inc. Launches Orphanstock.com as the New Online Furniture Adoption Site

Orphanstock.com Defines How Buying Displaced and Revamped Existing Furniture Can Be A Beneficial and Guilt-Free Bargain.

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17 January 2011

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1st U.S. Custom Furniture & Furnishings Manufacturer to Receive the Coveted Made in USA Certification

Made in USA Certified

Spring ’09

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AS SEEN in DREAMbook by boutique Design SPRING 09

Place #2.

Pacific Hospitality – Design The Hopper Chair

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Autumn ’08

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The Young and the Restless

Five Hardworking Hospitality Dreamers

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Pacific Hospitality Design, Inc. Launches Orphanstock.com as the New Online Furniture Adoption Site

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Huntington’s Beach Hotel Bar Lounge Gets an Amazing Makeover with Unique Furniture Design

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The transformed Rouge bar lounge presents a very unique fusion of Asian and French elements. When asked about this unique cross cultural theme, Ana Maria Martinez-Stumpo, the vice president & furniture designer of Pacific Hospitality Design said, “We wanted to keep it unique,striking and dramatic . That is why we picked out some elements of elegant French design and mated them with bright and vibrant elements of Chinese design and architecture. We understand that there is an obvious contrast between the two styles, and that’s the beauty of it.”


The PHDesign team has used elements in both the furniture design as well as the space. The overall theme is monochromatic in ranges of gray, silver and black. This color scheme is accentuated by using contrasting bold colors such as Red and Yellow. The most apparent example of French-Chinese fusion is seen in the furniture design. “You can notice some classical French details such as usage of diamond tufts and toile, yet curves and prints are clearly Asian-oriented,” adds Ana Maria.
PHDesign team has implemented some of the most creative ideas in designing the space. One of the most prominent examples is the usage of handmade Chinese boxes to decorate two walls. Almost 3600 handcrafted boxes are used to create this truly unique piece of art. Speaking of what inspired them to come up with this idea, Ana Maria jokingly said, “We were just designing out-of-the-box.